An easy way to Overcome Virus Hp

Many of the cases and at least 90% can be handled
One is about mobile phone viruses.
Macem "case of the phone to be slow until the phone become blank
Funny "and laughable ..:-D

Virus HpThere is an assumption not a symbian or non-OS definitely safe from viruses ....
Oh yes .... please note hape non OS / Java for the system is a closed system for safe ga be poisoned virus
But for MMC / storage media still get infected with a virus.
So becareful wrote ... he he

Immediately berikutlangkah handling of sense to me in mengemankan effects of cell phone viruses

Step rescue data

1. Perform backup memory phone numbers stored in the phone to save the phone number in the existing SIM CARD.
2. Store data in phone memory including, photographs, images, audio files, video transfer to your computer.
3. Remove the MMC or memory card from the phone and copy to your computer.

 Mobile Format.

1. Turn off your mobile phone
2. Replace simcard with simcard unused.
3. Make sure you fully Baterey.
4. Press the keypad buttons simultaneously following the keypad buttons: 3 (angka3), * (star key), call (the call) and the on / off your mobile phone. (You should do this step by 2 people if there is difficulty in pressing the button)
5. Hold the button until the exit script formatting, or to exit the menu Time Zone area (for nokia N70)
6. After exiting the menu, release the buttons and let the process run.

The above step is for symbian phones while on the phone simply by re-regulatory java initial / factory settings.

Once the process is complete then your mobile phone is like a new phone again and gone viral from your mobile phone.
If this does not work try again, or for a particular type mobile please type * # 7370 # then enter your phone no pin (default PIN 12345)
Why phone must be formatted / diflasing ..?
The answer is definitely a cell phone is a strategic place in the proliferation of the virus
So be sure the system C and Z (ROM) cell phone must be installed through the process of re-formatting / flashing

Perform Format MMC

1. Make sure the image data, video, audio (music) has been copied to your computer hard drive.
2. Format your MMC munggunakan computer system Fat, Quick Format
3. Enter your mobile phone to mobile phone MMC and MMC format again using the Mobile

Data storage again

1. Put back your simcard and insert Telephone stored on the simcard
2. Put back the file images, photos, audio, video Ensure that the file is safe from virus infection by using anti-virus PC that can recognize viruses as anti virus symbian PC
3. For additional application you should reinstall the application because most backup applications like teregistri not and can not run alias corrupt.

so the main point of a cell phone and MMC formats
not to be mistaken HP / mobile formatted but not formatted MMC
the same lie.
tetep virus there .. he he he

Few tips on safe from the spread of the virus:
• Do not be too frequent file transfer via Bluetooth with the device at random
• Use anti-virus that can be trusted for your mobile phone
• Be diligent MMC scan your PC with antivirus (for java and symbian phone)

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