PlayStation in HP Android (Bermain PlayStation Dengan HP Android)

 To play some games that are PS1Droider's need and PS1 games psx emulator bios for android Droider's HP. Droider's can be downloaded at:
Download Mediafire,
Download Mediafire,
• or in the android market.

playstation Android

Once the emulator is downloaded, there are several steps that must be setup again Droider's doing. Well, the steps are:

1. Make a special folder on the external SD card to put the bios file.

For example: GamePsx. To facilitate Droider's in the making, use or application management Droider's file can download in android market. OI file manager or astro file manager for example.

Playstation Android

Playstation Android

2. Install the application on the emulator PS-1 HP android Droider's (FPse).

Playstation Android

Playstation Android

Playstation Android

3. Install applications psx bios.

Playstation Android

Playstation Android

4. After that do the bios settings. Go to settings - system - Bios Loading.

5. Then according to the bios file browser folder Droider's made earlier.

6. If the steps are complete, do not forget Droider's saveagar settingannya unchanged or touch-ubah.Klik Default Config Save menu (save as default config).

The next step Droider's staying browsing PS-1 games to be played. For PS-1 game of his own using an extension or format games ISO / Bin not an exe. For setting his own stick, Droider'sDroider's can access the input menu when the game is being played, will stay in check which button akanDroider's show. Then save.

These games can Droider's install. Droider's also able to look at Most of those games kerkapasitas over 500 MB, so please be patient in downloading.
Playstation Android

Easy is not it? Well, now Droider's to boost adrenalin Droider's through the ever popular game in the PS-1's. In addition to fun, this may be something new for Droider's a maniac game. But keep in mind also that not all PS-1 games can be played on HP android, android version also supports file fun is only 2.1 (Eclair) and above.

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